About Me

Hi my name Anthony Martoccio I live in Wynantskill New York. I love Fornite on Xbox One I like meeting new people any day I love to talk and make new friends. I love shooting games but I love third-person fighting games more than first person, I feel better at third person shooters. I love Call of Duty 3, All Gears Of Wars, Minecraft. I love games that have you do whatever you want like Minecraft lets you to build Castle, Hotels, Cities, Farms, and play with friends and fight, I love to build anything in Minecraft soccer stadium and a fight ring its feels like you been playing for 1 hour and only finish half of it. Then after 5 hours later  almost done then finally it’s over but it felt like 2 hours but it was 6 hours its just so fun that you want to build more and more that’s how I feel every time I play that’s how most games should make you feel joyful that’s when you know this thing you built made you happy and that makes the game worth getting. I love to write and listen to Nerdout! songs if you like talking if you have Xbox One and you would like to play and chat you need to send me a message and type team ant so I know it’s not someone random or comment on video saying team ant. If you also need someone to play with I will just say the word team ant in a message then what do you want to play and I’ll see if I have it or not And I’m only 10 years old that what I I’m like so have a good Day or good Night.