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One of my school projects this year (4’th grade) was doing research on a famous New Yorker and then dressing up as them in our very own wax museum. People walked through and when they pressed the button near me I would come to life and tell them a fact about me as if I was the real person. School sent home a whole list of people to choose from but I didn’t want to pick any of the choices because they had all been in jail or do drugs so I started to research who else was a famous New Yorker, and I found my favorite, and the best comic creator of all time, Stan Lee.

diy stan lee outfit by anthony

Here is my report errors and all:

 The Greatest Comic Creator Of All Time

A little boy is sitting in his run down apartment in the Bronx, New York.  He is looking out the window at a red brick wall of another urban building.  The smell of fresh, boiling hot dogs is in his apartment. He is feeling sad because his parents are fighting about not getting paid enough and they can’t pay the rent.   This young boy loved to read, write and draw! Once he got to get a blender and this young boy made a shake he put half of banana, egg, chocolate ice cream, two chocolate graham crackers then this little boy turned on the blender.   This young little boy is Stan Lee. He is one of the most famous comic writers in the world. He created Spider-man!

Stan Lee was born in 1922. When Stan Lee was 6 his family was very poor in a small  apartment. Stan Lee just loved to read he like Mark Twain books, Jules Verne, the Hardy Boys, Poems, Stories, H.G Wells, Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Charles. He loved to write and draw as he got older and he did it more he got better and better still he was great. When he was 9 years old  his brother Larry was born his family need him to chip in for rent so he had to get a job. When he was 17 year old he was hired to timely comics as a office assistant he was only payed $8 dollars a week. When Stan Lee was working Joe Simon asked him to make the second comic of Captain America.


In Stan Lee family his dad name is Jack, his mom name is Celia his brother name is Larry. Jack has a job it a cutting fabric at a dress factory he was paid very little and worked long hours. Celia looks after the kids. Jack was a Romanian Immigrant. When Stan was older his friend thought her friend would like each other but Stan  Lee went to meet her but he saw different girl answer the door but he saw a different person Joan Clayton Boocock he asked on date as soon as they meet and soon they were married.


Stan Lee had some obstacles in his life. When Stan Lee was 6 years old the great depression started and most people were kind of poor it was hard finding a job back then during great depression anyway if you had job you weren’t pay enough even with long hours. Stan Lee’s father Jack worked long hours and payed little and  almost couldn’t pay rent.


Stan Lee had some great accomplishments like when he was teen he was asked to make second comic of Captain America. He made Thor, hulk, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, X-men. Stan Lee was very bad at  drawing and writing he kept doing it getting better and better in still greatness now he is known for his writing and drawing that’s why he is one of the best comic maker in the world.


Stan Lee has many character traits  there’s a couple of things I have learn about him. Stan Lee is funny because he makes those awesome comics with action and funny stuff like Spiderman sometimes makes funny mistakes. Stan Lee  is creative and determined too. He made the funny and positive heros that are in comics. Think how hard it must be to make a backstory, superheroes and their weakness. Do you think that’s hard?  Then they have to get all you guys to love then make sure it sales then it happens all again and again every time you make a new comic that’s hard, Stan Lee also makes movies and he makes books, comics, movies that’s a  lot of presser now think about how hard it must be for Stan Lee.

Stan Lee is a pen name his real name is Stanley Lieber.  When Stan Lee was a kid he wanted to be the president.

So now you know that Stan Lee had hard times but good times so now you know that Stan Lee is amazing.

More Stan Lee Wax Museum Pictures

One of the fun parts of dressing up was having my hair sprayed gray in the morning.

gray hair spray for stan lee costume

We all drew pictures of the famous New Yorkers we were playing the wax musuem.

kids wax museum drawings

And here is a close up picture of my Stan Lee drawing.

drawing of stan lee